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Latino Millennials Are Paying Attention and They’re Taking It Personally

by Lucy Flores, Vice President of Public Affairs at mitú

Latino millennials are paying close attention to congressional and state level elections and legislation, especially when it comes to DACA.

Time and time again when Latinos are surveyed about the issues that are most important to them, they rank jobs and the economy, or education as top issues. But what happens when you ask millennial Latinos what matters to them? mitú conducted a survey of young Latinos (18-34) and it turns out the thing most pressing to them is education, with immigration and DACA coming in second, and jobs and the economy coming in a distant fourth. And with 14.6 million millennial Latinos, they’re one of the fastest growing demographics with significant influence over their peers. It’s time we listen to what matters to them.

Read the full article via Huffington Post.


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